Our targeted services allow you to pin-point your ideal customer
and deliver the performance you expect at affordable prices:
    Opt-in Email lists

  Postal Data

  SMS / Mobile Messaging

  Creative Design

     Email / Phone Appending 

   Lead Generation

   Online Surveys

   CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC  Models

Our Featured Services

  Send4Us values the partnerships we have with all our clients and we're  committed to adhering to their privacy at all times. Partners can be assured
that any of S4U Media Solutions utilize, will not risk their public image.

  Further, we adhere to Direct Marketing Association (DMA) standards as
well as our own strict processes in order to ensure that our email marketing
is beyond reproach. With state of the art technology, S4U sets itself apart
from the rest of the pack.

  We can run multiple email marketing campaigns simultaneously. We can track opt-out files. We can incorporate multi-variable test, incorporating A/B testing of subject lines, creative and text. And at the end of an-opt in email campaign, we provide easy-to-understand reports that provide the type of business intelligence that adds value for our clients.



Data cost for email campaigns is low and affordable, which allows for a better ROI


Our online tracking system is in real-time. We are able to track the Delivery, Opens, and the Click-thru.

This allows you to cut out the guess work and headaches related to measurement of the campaign results.

Turn around time for email is much faster than other data mediums.
Fulfillment time is 24 hours or less after approval by you to launch.

We do it for you. Email campaigns are fast from start to finish. You can usually set up 3-4 email campaigns in the time it takes to set up 1 postal campaign. You have all the resources of S4U support group for every campaign from beginning to end.  Having this support provides for strong Client Relations which leads to long term clients.

Email is Green! No trees, no fossil energy needed to process it. If you think about all the paper wasted in our mailbox, simply pressing the “delete” button is a much natural gesture. Please be nice to our planet, use email instead of paper!



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CAN-SPAM compliant
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