Our targeted services allow you to pin-point your ideal customer
and deliver the performance you expect at affordable prices:
    Opt-in Email lists

  Postal Data

  SMS / Mobile Messaging

  Creative Design

     Email / Phone Appending 

   Lead Generation

   Online Surveys

   CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC  Models

Our Featured Products


Lead Generation

Send4Us has a vast network of programs designed to accomplish targeted effective leads and will utilize any combination our multi-channel solutions to accomplish a profitable ROI for their clients. Once again, success leads to retention. 
Based on the targeting requirements of its customers, Send4Us List Brokerage and Management Division has exclusive partnerships with mail and telemarketing

opt in/ permission base list owners to target a campaign, customizing compiled lists from many different sources in order to reach your prospects.


E-Mail Marketing

Send4Us Email Data consists of permission base and opt in data. We can run multiple email marketing campaigns simultaneously. We can track opt-out files. We can incorporate multi-variable test, incorporating A/B testing of subject lines, creative and text. And at the end of an-opt in email campaign, we provide easy-to-understand reports that provide the type of business intelligence that adds value for our clients.

This database can be segmented or targeted by over eighty (80) demographic and lifestyle attributes, including:

Age                       Catalog Buyers         Presence of Children         Income                    Music                     
Smokers                Gender                    New Movers                      Online Gamblers      Geography             Sports                   Health  Nutrition        Online Buyers                   Travel                      Apparel                 Education              Occupation               Ethnicity                          Political Affiliation     Catalog Shoppers        Automotive             Religion                   Electronics                       Any many more!





Our co-registration services enable you to increase your company awareness across the internet and generate leads of consumers who are motivated, pre-qualified and interested in your offer.

Send4Us will place your offer on well branded websites that receive high volumes of traffic, allowing you to take advantage of other company’s marketing dollars. Our network includes

content, product registration, and survey sites, allowing us to target your perfect audience.

You only pay for consumers who have “opted in” to receive further information or direct correspondence from you by checking a box or completing a custom form.

Available information includes:

Name           Date / Time Stamp              Email Address    
Postal           IP Address                         Phone                   
and many more!



Mobile Marketing / SMS

Send4Us has developed strategic alliances to bring to our clients the industry’s most responsive wireless consumer database.  With over 34 million opt-in wireless subscribers, Send4Us allows you to leverage your direct marketing campaign results.

Our fully secure intuitive mobile platform enables you to design, launch, manage, track and measure mobile phone based direct marketing campaigns from your desktop.

Send4Us mobile platform brings you a wealth of expertise :

In-depth knowledge of all local operator guidelines

Revenue sharing services already in place with all cell providers

Real Time, end-to-end content management platform

A scalable messaging infrastructure (SMS, MMS, mobile Internet, voice)



Email Appending

Your postal data base is matched against our email opt in permission database in order to retrieve corresponding email addresses..

We will email, on your behalf a welcome permission letter against the matched data file.
The email recipients can either opt in or opt-out of
future email messages from you. You will only pay and receive the matched file that has been opt in through the welcome letter process. THIS IS YOUR NEW DATA BASE!

Reverse Append

A reverse append is just the opposite of an email append. If your company acquired opt-in email addresses through laborious marketing efforts, but has know means to send your clients a direct mail piece, the reverse append can help.

Send4Us will gather your existing database of emails and append information to them such as: full name, complete mailing address.

When you have a better understanding of your customers, and can identify cross -and up- sell opportunities, you will be able to improve campaign response rates by designing promotions that speak directly to your customers’ desires.

With Send4Us Database Appending service,  you can add a wealth of information to your database, including:

Email Address              Phone Number             Gender              
Postal Address             Income                        Ethnicity                     
Age                             Lifestyle Selects           Religion           
Education Level            Political Affiliation         And many more!